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How to Keep Your Holiday Glow

Regardless of what season it is now, there are always plenty of reasons to visit our mall. In this article, we decided to show you the list of Top 3 reasons to visit Fashion Day. to begin with, people usually visit shopping malls to enjoy variety while shopping, for socialization and for entertainment. People also visit malls because they offer one-stop shopping convenience and save time.

However, Fashion Day has some additional attractions and reasons to visit it. For example, our mall’s main claim to fame is its sheer size. An expansion will be opening soon, but for now, we already have a jaw-dropping number of 520 open stores. This means if you decided to spend just 10-minutes in each store, it would take you 86-hours to do it. That’s three and a half days!

We also have about 100 events every year that feature celebrity appearances. A recent meet-and-greet with internet personality Tyler Oakley, held in conjunction with the release of his book “Binge,” drew a sell-out crowd.